• BTD-300 Thunderstorm Detector

    Locate all thunderstorms in your area with the BTD-300 thunderstorm warning system. All forms of lightning detected in real-time up to 83 km (51 miles) away. The system warns of potential overhead lightning activity even before the first strike occurs.
  • Aviation Meteorology

    Biral Visibility and Present Weather sensors are used in a range of aviation applications from the determination of Runway Visual Range (RVR) to the collection of weather information METAR reports.
  • Aviation Obstacle Warning Light Control for Wind Energy

    Biral visibility sensors are used to control the intensity of aviation obstacle warning lights fitted to wind turbines throughout Europe. By reducing light intensity in good visibility the environmental impact is reduced whilst the safety of aircraft is maintained.
  • Introducing the NEW RWS-20 Road Weather Sensor

    The RWS-20 is designed for use in road applications where accurate and reliable visibility measurements are required.

    Designed for easy integration with intelligent road network systems as well as Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS).