• Offshore wind capacity set to quadruple by 2030

    The UK already generates more electricity from offshore wind than any other country, harnessing the wind power our seas are well placed to produce.
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  • Update to CAP 437

    The Helideck Certification Agency (HCA) who certify helidecks worldwide, recently updated and published their HCA 9b ‘Standard Helideck Monitoring Systems’, which contains new requirements regarding algorithms and calculations.
    Biral visibility, present weather and thunderstorm detectors fully comply with these updated requirements. Click above to read our technical update...
  • Volcanic activity and imminent eruptions can be detected with a novel new lightning warning system

    In 2020 alone, the Smithsonian Institution recorded 67 confirmed volcanic eruptions from 63 different volcanoes. Of these recorded instances, 22 were from new eruptions that began within the year. Click above to read more...
  • The future is not forecast: How lightning is affected by climate change

    Lightning is a fascinating yet deadly phenomenon that affects countries all over the world.
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  • Visibility sensors for marine environments and applications

    Biral is now offering its SWS range of visibility and present weather sensors with the added protection of hard anodising as an option. With this additional surface protection, the SWS range can be used in all shoreline and offshore applications, such as at ports and harbours, on lighthouses as well as on marine platforms and meteorological buoys.
  • BTD-200 Lightning Works Messenger

    The BTD-200 Lightning Works Messenger is a software application that works alongside the BTD-200 Lightning Works software to send warning email and SMS text messages when thunderstorm activity is detected. Messages are sent both when thunderstorm activity is detected and when it clears.