• BTD-200 Lightning Works Messenger

    The BTD-200 Lightning Works Messenger is a software application that works alongside the BTD-200 Lightning Works software to send warning email and SMS text messages when thunderstorm activity is detected. Messages are sent both when thunderstorm activity is detected and when it clears.
  • BTD-200 Lightning Warning System

    Self-contained, standalone lightning warning system. Gives advance warning of overhead lightning risk. Proven, professional-grade detection system.
  • Aviation Meteorology

    Biral Visibility and Present Weather sensors are used in a range of aviation applications from the determination of Runway Visual Range (RVR) to the collection of weather information METAR reports.
  • Aviation Obstacle Warning Light Control for Wind Energy

    Biral visibility sensors are used to control the intensity of aviation obstacle warning lights fitted to wind turbines throughout Europe. By reducing light intensity in good visibility the environmental impact is reduced whilst the safety of aircraft is maintained.