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Intelligent Road Networks

The numbers of vehicles on the world’s roads and transport networks continues to increase at an incredible rate. Therefore, the need to present accurate and timely information to both road users and centralised control systems becomes ever more important. The Biral product ranges are especially well suited to this application. The combination of serial and analogue interfaces allows both local signage control as well as direct connection to a wider control network. Our ability to provide present weather information in addition to just visibility allows transport control systems’ to ensure the most accurate information is available to plan maintenance activities. These can include salt spreading in freezing conditions through to sand clearance in desert locations. The New RWS-20 visibility sensor is designed solely for this application and meets all national and international specification requirements.

Road Tunnels – a special application

Visibility sensors are often used in road tunnels where they monitor pollution levels and so control ventilation systems. Visibility sensors can also assist with the detection of fire in tunnels due to their sensitivity to smoke particles. The RWS-30 visibility senor is a compact forward scatter design with a 4-20mA output making it particularly suited to this application.

Global Installations

Biral sensors are in 24/7 use in networks across the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. Our sensors are used on roads, bridges and in tunnels worldwide.

More information on the use of meteorological sensors in roads and transport applications can be found in the Transport Brochure.