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Call our Service Team on +44 (0)1275 397708 or complete our enquiry form.

All Biral products are designed to provide years of fault free service with minimal maintenance however, faults and problems do arise and that is where our Service Department comes to your assistance.  We offer unlimited free technical support by telephone or email for the life of our products regardless of ownership.

Our Service staff, backed up by the Product Development Engineers are there to answer technical queries ranging from help with installation to the interpretation of data.

Returning a Sensor for Repair / Service

We operate an RMA (Return Material Authorisation) system to track and manage all returned products in our Service Department.

Before returning any sensor to Biral, please contact our Service Team with the serial number of the sensor on the number above, e-mail us at or use our enquiry form to request an RMA number and to be registered within our service system.

Application Support

We appreciate that every application is different and can present questions that are new to our customers; for this reason our Meteorological Products Manager and our team of Product Development Engineers are available to discuss any technical questions you may have with your equipment or application.

Our Frequently Asked Questions pages cover some of the more common issues that arise, however if you can’t find the information you require please contact us.

Equipment and Installation Support

If your sensor has developed a fault or you need help with installation please call our Service Team on +44 (0)1275 397708 or complete our enquiry form

Did you know you can use the Biral Sensor Interface Software to capture diagnostic data from your VPF or SWS sensor?

The free Biral Sensor Interface Software allows you to capture a complete snapshot of the condition of your RWS, SWS or VPF sensor. If you send the text file generated by the Save Diagnostic Data function to us along with your fault report we can provide more detailed assistance.