Aviation Meteorology and METAR

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METAR is a standard form for the reporting of weather commonly used in aviation with a format controlled by ICAO. The reports are typically produced at hourly or 30 minute intervals and originate from observing sites at airfields, military bases and other observing stations. The information is typically produced by automated weather observing systems (AWOS) with checking by meteorologists prior to transmission to aircraft and forecasting groups.

A wide range of weather types can be encoded in a METAR including visibility, precipitation and thunderstorm activity. Biral visibility and present weather sensors fulfil the ICAO requirements for the automated observation of a number of METAR parameters as specified in ICAO Annex 3, ICAO Annex 5, and WMO 8 Part I Chapters 9 and 14.

More information on the use of Biral sensors in aviation applications can be found in the Aviation Brochure.