Cloud Ceilometer

Model Number: CBME80B
Manufacturer: Eliasson Engineering
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The Eliasson cloud ceilometer CBME80B is a compact and lightweight standalone instrument for measuring cloud base height and vertical visibility. …


Cloud Ceilometer

The Eliasson cloud ceilometer CBME80B is a compact and lightweight standalone instrument for measuring cloud base height and vertical visibility.

The design is based on the LIDAR principle. The light emitting component is a low power diode laser with the output power limited to an eye-safe level.

It is designed for both fixed and mobile installations and detects up to three cloud layers simultaneously.

Features include:

  • Reliable operation
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Very long laser life (10 years)
  • 7600 m / 25000 feet measuring range
  • Low weight and low power consumption

The CBME80B ceilometer is ideal for use in aviation and meteorological applications and is suitable for installations on land, ships and for offshore use.


Range 0-7,500 m / 0-25,000 ft
Reporting Resolution 10 m / 30 ft, units selectable
Accuracy Greater of ± 10 m or ± 1% of height Measured against hard target
Reporting Interval Periodic (15-120 s), selectable polling (any interval)
Laser Safety Eye safe Class 1M in accordance to IEC 60825-1
Operating Temperature -40 to +55⁰C / -40 to 130⁰F
Weight 15kg
Power Supply 115V alt 230V AC, 45-65 Hz or 12V DC (must be specified at time of order)
Power Consumption Electronics 30W
Heater 200W (when active)
Interface RS-232, RS-485, FSK/V23
Data Cloud height (up to 3 layers) or vertical visibility
Cloud amount / sky condition
Status information
Backscatter profile

Sales & Support

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Stand for CBME80B Cloud Ceilometer Height: 1m. For fixed installations. (The ceilometer may also be mounted directly without stand)
Blower for CBME80B Cloud Ceilometer Available in 110V or 230V AC version. For enhanced detection in precipitation. (Robust Leister blower.) (Requires stand).
IP66 Housing for CBME80B Cloud Ceilometer For harsh environmental conditions.
Sun Shutter for CBME80B Cloud Ceilometer To protect the equipment when sun in zenith. (Required when deployed in tropical areas).
Cloud Presentation Suite for CBME80B Cloud Ceilometer Graphical display software for Windows PC.
Demodulator BE238A for CBME80B Cloud Ceilometer To be used on host side if V.23/FSK output is used.
Local Display for CBME80B Cloud Ceilometer For quick mobile display of current measurement (window in hood).
Green Colour (RAL 6003) for CBME80B Cloud Ceilometer Includes Ceilometer, Stand and Blower.
Digital Display BE360 for CBME80B Cloud Ceilometer A standalone display to be used instead of (or as a complement to) a software based presentation system.