Weatherpak 400

Model Number: MTR 1569 - ex

Measures site-specific, real-time weather data (wind speed, direction, stability class, temperature, humidity, pressure) which can be monitored visually on a display and simultaneously output to a PC.


Weatherpak 400

The WeatherPak® 400 is a simple to operate, easily deployable, compact weather station measuring wind speed, wind direction, wind stability class, temperature, humidity and pressure. The data can be monitored visually on the LCD display and simultaneously output to plume modelling software on a PC.

It is a reliable, portable weather station designed to withstand harsh environments and rough handling and is constructed of non-sparking, intrinsically safe Mil-Spec grade aluminium which will even survive a 2 m drop onto concrete and is water immersible (for decontamination etc).

There are no cables to connect or exposed wires or switches and it is deployable from carry case to full operation within one minute. The system is available in several configurations including tripod or vehicle mounting. Data can be received via fixed data cable or wireless and displayed on a touch screen display and / or input to a computer.

Using the remote data transmission the user can deploy the WeatherPak® in one location and move to a safer location up to 10 km away. Several WeatherPak® units can be networked together and using the optional Global Positioning System plume models will be updated without any manual input.

Applications include military, fire services, chemical plants and oil refineries etc.



  • can be fully decontaminated after chemical or biological incidents
  • low maintenance, fully sealed unit with no moving parts
  • can be mounted on buildings, vehicles or tripod
  • data can be output to a PC for plume modelling, data visualisation and archiving
  • fully deployable within 60 seconds
  • designed to withstand harsh environments and rough handling


Examples of data output

The data can be viewed on a display as well as being output as an ASCII data string to a PC. The data can be imported into plume modelling programs such as CAMEO® / ALOHA®, SAFER® Systems software, or to programs such as MS Excel.

The Raw Data is delivered in ASCII format in metric units (millibars, m/s, C), whereas the processed data is converted to Standard English units (inches, mph, F).

Two “checksums” are performed to ensure that the message is sent correctly. The PC adds up the “ASCII value” of the data line (each letter, number, comma etc has a numerical value universal to all computers) to make sure that the PC received the same number that the WeatherPak transmitted.

Below is an example of the standard data string together with the field line explanations (custom configurations are available) .

421, 0.9, 225, 1.0, 23.9, 1.0, 226, 23.9, 14.0, 1917, 999, 46, 2536


ID WeatherPak unique identification number
MW 5 minute averaged wind speed in metres per second
MD 5 minute averaged wind direction in degrees
ST Stability class in degrees
AT 5 minute averaged air temperature in degrees Centigrade
SI Instantaneous wind speed in metres per second
DI Instantaneous wind direction in degrees
TI Instantaneous air temperature in degrees Centigrade
BV Battery voltage in volts
CKSUM1 First Checksum
BP Barometric pressure in millibars
RH Relative humidity in percent
CKSUM2 Second Checksum



Comparison of the 3 models available


 WeatherPak 400




 Wind Speed & Direction  ultrasonic*   ultrasonic*  ultrasonic*
 Air Temperature  •  •  •
 Relative Humidity  •  •  •
 Barometric Pressure  •  •  •
 GPS  •
 Background Radiation  Available soon
 Black Body Sensor  Available soon
 Display  5.7″ colour flat panel  LCD  LCD
 Communications  Radio  Radio  Cable
 Mounting  3 m tripod  3 m tripod  vehicle
 Power  9 D Cell  9 D Cell  120 VAC or 12 VDC
* the ultrasonic wind sensor has no moving parts, is very accurate at low wind speeds and does not require periodic calibration.


 MTR   TRx  VM
Automatically updates plume modelling software ie ALOHA®, SAFER®  •   •  •
Self aligning compass  •  •  •
Data integrity – RF & EMI hardened electronics  •  •  •
Electronics hermetically sealed… Submersible for decontamination  •  •  •
Hot-zone deployable  •   •
Average deployment time (in minutes) <1  <1  <2
Ruggedised – meets environmental MIL-STD-810D  •   •   •
Upgradeable firmware  •
SmartDetectTM multiple WeatherPak recognition  •

Specifications may change without prior notice. E&OE



Wind Speed (using ultrasonic anemometer for wind speed and direction)
Range 0 - 60 m/s
Accuracy +/- 2%
Resolution 0.01 m/s
Wind Direction
Range 0 - 359º
Accuracy +/- 3%
Accuracy +/- 1.0º
Tilt limit +/- 45º
Operational range -40 to +50ºC
Accuracy +/- 0.2ºC
Resolution 0.5ºC
Microcontroller 32-bit
Memory 256 k (1 MB optional)
Estimated memory storage capability With a sample interval every 30 seconds it would take approximately 11 days to use 256 K of memory and 45 days for 1 MB of memory before the oldest data records are overwritten.
Display (certain models only) 4 x 20 character LCD
EMI / RFI Mil-Spec
Size 14 cm x 73.7 cm
Weight 4.1 Kg
Material 6061-T6 aluminium, 316 stainless steel hardware, O-ring sealed Mil-Spec connector, thermoplastic resin coated
Temperature -40 to +70ºC
Pressure 600 to 1100 mBar
Humidity 10 day exposure at 100% RH
Rain 500 mm/hr
Estimated battery life 72 hours if run continuously
Shock / Vibration Survival of 2 m drop