Combined Wind Speed & Direction Display Ship Version

Digital display of wind speed and direction for ship use
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Wind Display Combined Ship Version
Digital display instrument which indicates the wind speed and wind direction.
Indicates the wind direction in a circle of 72 LED luminous bars, and the speed by 7-segment- LEDs. Ship version has direction circle divided in red and green LED’s according to port side and starboard.

Display of Wind Speed:
• Instantaneous value

Display options of the WD:
• Instantaneous value or delayed, or
• Instantaneous value and variation, or
• Delayed and variation

The version 4.3251.xx.001 and .002 has the additional capability to display and transmit via a serial interface the values “True” or “Rel” . Whereby the “Rel.” wind are the displayed sensor values. The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) data from any compass system (Gyro, analogue) are combined together with the wind sensor values to form the “True” Wind values which are transmitted via the RS 422 Interface. The selection of “True” or “Rel.” wind can be done via the front side mode switch.

A built-in RS-422-interface facilitates the connection of other wind indicators LED.

Suitable wind transmitters:

4.3303.22.000 / 008 4.3150.00.000

Common Specifications

Wind direction, Wind speed, min and max values
Display Range
0-99.9 0-999 (m/s, kt, km/h, or Bft)
±1 digit
Operating Voltage
115VAC & 12-35 VDC or 230 V C & 12-35VDC
144 x 144 x 135mm


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