WeatherPak Compact Weather Station

Model Number: MTR 1569
Manufacturer: Coastal Environmental Systems Inc
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The WeatherPak range of rugged weather stations are designed for use by emergency services


WeatherPak Compact Weather Station

The WeatherPak® range of compact weather stations from Coastal Environmental is designed for applications where robust, portable and environmentally sealed systems are required. The stations may be permanently installed on buildings and ships or used as portable systems with a simple tripod mount.

The reliable, portable weather stations are designed to withstand harsh environments and rough handling.  Constructed of non-sparking, Mil-Spec grade aluminium they will even survive a 2m drop onto concrete and can be immersed for decontamination.

A wide range of parameters can be measured including wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity and pressure. The sensor can be fitted with a GPS receiver and compass to simplify portable deployments. Additional sensors can be connected via the multi-pole connector when required.

There are a range of power and connectivity options including battery power and wireless communications. The weather stations are complimented by a range of display units and PC based visualisation software. Plume tracking software is also available.

Applications include military, fire services, chemical plants and oil refineries etc.


  • can be fully decontaminated after chemical or biological incidents
  • low maintenance, fully sealed unit with no moving parts
  • can be mounted on buildings, vehicles or tripod
  • data can be output to a PC for plume modelling, data visualisation and archiving
  • fully deployable within 60 seconds
  • designed to withstand harsh environments and rough handling

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