Wind Profilers

Biral provides Sodar systems for the 3-dimensional measurement of wind speed and direction in a vertical column extending hundreds of metres above the sensor. Sodar systems are used in applications such as wind energy site assessment, wind shear detection at airports, plume modelling and basic research.


Sodar systems can be supplied with RASS to provide a vertical temperature profile in addition to the wind speed and direction data.


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  • SODAR PCS2000

    Model Number: SODAR PCS2000

    SODAR (Sonic Detection And Ranging) system for remote sensing of vertical profiles of the horizontal wind vector and turbulence in the lower part of the atmosphere

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  • RASS for SODAR PCS2000

    Model Number: RASS for SODAR PCS2000

    RASS (Radio Acoustic Sounding System) addition to the SODAR PCS2000

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