uSonic-2 Heavy Duty

2-Axis anemometer for measuring wind speed and direction with enhanced heating
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uSonic-2 Heavy Duty 2-axis ultrasonic anemometer

Ruggedised design for harsh environments

The uSonic-2 Heavy Duty “HD” ultrasonic anemometer provides accurate and reliable wind speed and direction information in the most extreme environments. With no moving parts and a strengthened stainless steel construction and optional enhanced heating the uSonic-2 Heavy Duty is suitable for use in all conditions. It is a rugged high performance sensor for the measurement of the horizontal wind flow.

Where severe icing is a problem, the enhanced optional heating keeps the measurement head free for ice to ensure continuity of data. Heating can be automatically controlled and new technology ensures it operates only the appropriate elements and only when needed, ensuring 100 per cent data availability regardless of the weather whilst keeping energy usage down.

The uSonic-2 Heavy Duty has the highest reliability due to the combined data quality monitoring function and heating technology, which eliminates data dropout and ensures confidence in the measurements; and as there are no moving parts or maintenance requirements you can concentrate on the data and not the sensor.

Due to ultrasonic measurement technology the sensor provides excellent repeatability of data and error accuracy and also provides additional information such as virtual temperature.

Serial data communication is provided as standard with both RS422 and RS485 capabilities. When analogue outputs are required the analogue output option provides four output channels of either current or voltage.

  • no moving parts
  • maintenance free
  • up to 10 Hz sampling rate
  • optional heated measuring head for error-free operation down to -40°C
  • digital outputs RS422 and RS485
  • optional four channel analogue outputs
  • wind speed range: 0.01 – 60 m/s (0 – 134 mph)
  • wind direction range: 0 – 359°
  • high resolution and accuracy
  • low power requirement and wide supply range (9-36 VDC)
  • virtual temperature output
  • optional field calibration kit

Technical Description

The uSonic-2 Heavy Duty ultrasonic anemometer provides the following information in various data outputs which can be polled or output automatically:

  • instantaneous and averaged data for the horizontal wind vectors
  • horizontal wind speed and direction
  • chart mode (provides 0-540º wind direction and speed values)
  • NMEA value outputs

Data can be averaged by:

  • scalar or vector
  • clock synchronised or running average
  • separate output rates and sampling times

Some other important features:

  • user definable north orientation (range 0-359º alignment off axis)
  • data quality control to perform confidence checks on raw data
  • date / time stamps with several options
  • check sum information
  • calibration validity output monitoring

Common Specifications

Wind Speed

0.01 - 60 m/s (0 - 134 mph)
+/- 2 % (full scale output)
0.01 m/s (steps)

Wind Direction

0 - 359°
+/- 2°
0.1° (steps)

Digital Output

RS422 OR RS485
Sampling rate
10 Hz (selectable)
up to 3600 seconds


9-36 VDC operation
Current draw
125 mA (@ 24 VDC), 3W


Sonic temperature
-40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 140°F) in non-condensing environments
Units of measure
m/s, knots, mph, km/h, °C


IP rating
30 cm x 54 cm (11 x 21 inches)
3.4 kg (7.4 Ibs) depending on model


Sensor head
stainless steel (V4A)
Electronic housing
Powder-coated die-cast aluminium

Optional items & Accessories

Analogue outputs
Four channels, either 0-5 0-±5Vdc or 0-20 4-20mA. 12 bit resolution, scalable
Sensor head heating
Heating of the sensor head 55W. Both manual and automatic control
Mains power supply
Weather proof mains power supply available for either 110Vac or 240Vac. Supplies both sensor and heating power
Calibration kit
A calibration kit is available to check the performance of the sensor

Sales & Support

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After Sales Support

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