Ultrasonic Anemometer 3D

Model Number: 4.3830.20.340
Manufacturer: Adolf Thies GmbH & Co. KG

The 3D Ultrasonic Anemometer measures the horizontal and vertical components of the wind speed and wind direction


Ultrasonic Anemometer 3D


The 3D Ultrasonic Anemometer measures the horizontal and vertical components of the wind speed and wind direction. With no moving parts the anemometer is free from wear and maintenance and needs no calibration. The sensor arms are automatically heated if necessary ensuring continued operation in snow and during icing events. The electronics of the ultrasonic anemometer is based on the latest DSP (digital signal processor) technology.

The sensors can provide a very wide range of output parameters allowing use in the study of turbulence as well as more basic wind speed and direction measurement.

Measuring principle

Ultrasonic anemometers measure wind speed by detecting the difference in time taken for an ultrasonic pulse to travel in each direction between pairs of transducers caused by movement of the air. This method allows accurate measurement even at low wind speeds as there is no mechanical inertia to overcome. The lack of mechanical inertia also allows measurements to be taken at high frequency allowing precise time dependent measurement. Sonic temperature is also available in the output data.

A range of sensor variants is available to cover a wide range of applications.

Common Specifications

Wind Speed
Measuring range 0.01 - 85 m/s (up to 99m/s output)
Accuracy ±1% measured value 5m/s to 35m/s
Resolution Up to 0.01m/s
Wind Direction
Measuring range Azimuth 0-360°
Measuring range Elevation -90º to +90º
Resolution Up to 0.1º
Accuracy ±1° 1m/s to 35m/s
Damping coefficient 0.2-0.3
Acoustic Temperature
Range -40ºC to +70ºC
Accuracy ±0.5K
Resolution 0.1K
Data output serial RS422 / RS485
Data output analogue 0-20mA, 0-10V or 4-20mA, 2-10V
Analogue inputs Up to five possible
Operating voltage - Sensor 8-78VDC or 12-55 V AC 1.5W typical
Heating (Model Dependent) 24 V AC/DC; 150W
48 V AC/DC: 360W
Operating temperature -50° to +80° C
Electrical connection Multi-pin plug
Mounting onto mast tube 1.5” Ø
Dimensions Ø300 x 600 mm
Protection IP67
Weight 3.4 Kg
Material of housing Stainless steel

Available Variants

The sensor is available in a number of variants covering heating and data output options. For full details please follow the link: Thies_Ultrasonic_Options

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