RS85 Rain Presence Sensor

Model Number: RS85
Manufacturer: Eigenbrodt GmbH & Co. KG
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The RS85 Rain Presence Sensor is designed to detect the beginning and end of precipitation


RS85 Rain Presence Sensor

The RS85 Rain Presence Sensor is designed to detect the beginning and end of precipitation. It can be used for controlling closure settings, collection apparatus and status monitoring. It is suitable for almost all climatic conditions including snow fall.

The electronics are enclosed in a weatherproof housing. The electronic measurement and heating areas form the cover of the waterproof housing. The sensor surfaces are arranged in a pyramid of 15° to ensure that the rain water readily runs off for better accuracy. There are vertical pins appropriately placed to better measure snowfall by capturing snowflakes on the four measurement areas. As protection against corrosion and to further add to the measurement sensitivity both the sensor surfaces and the pins are gold plated.

The built in 2-step electronic heating is proportionally controlled and can be adjusted to the needs of the user. The lower step is active in basic operation. The second more powerful heating-step is activated as soon as there is a rain signal, so the fluid on the surface can evaporate faster.


  • large sensitive, gold plated sensor surfaces (approx. 60 cm²)
  • vertical pins in four directions
  • adjustable, proportionally controlled heating of the sensor surfaces in two levels
  • adjustable and user definable relay delay


Measuring value precipitation yes/no
Switch on without delay
Switch off with delay, adjustable 0 - 270 in 30s steps
Sensitive surface area approx 60 cm2
Contacts potential free
100 V DC / 250 V AC
max. 5 A
Power 24V DC
Heating proportionally controlled 24 VDC
Protection IP 65
Dimensions 83 x 83 x 85 mm
Weight 700 g

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