Precipitation Collector NSA100

A custom built Precipitation Sampler offering a variety of measurement periods such as single sample collection, or separate collections over eight days.
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Eigenbrodt automatic precipitation collectors are custom built to suit your application requirements offering a variety of measurement periods such as single sample collection or separate collections over eight days. Additional options include heating and cooling of the funnel and sampling bottles.

The NSA Automatic Precipitation Sampler collects precipitation in sample bottles which can be easily removed from the apparatus at the end of the selected period of measurement for laboratory analysis.

Every single component which is used for measuring is made out of chemically neutral material and placed in a thermally insulated housing. At high ambient temperatures the housing is automatically ventilated avoiding overheating due to intense radiation of the sun and ensuring no sample amount is evaporated. The materials, funnel shape and the collection surface correspond to the standards of the VDI-recommendations 3870 ( VDI: Association of German Engineers) and are used by several national hydrological collection networks around the world.

Applications include:

  • national hydrological networks
  • atomic power station monitoring
  • trace chemical monitoring
  • precipitation research

Eigenbrodt samplers and collectors are available in a wide range of configurations and product types. Please consult Biral for more detailed information.

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