First Class Wind Speed Transmitter

First Class Wind Speed transmitter accredited to IEC 61400-12-1, for site assessment and power performance of Wind Turbine Generators
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High sensitivity mechanical cup anemometer designed for the measurement of the horizontal component of the wind speed. Perfect for site evaluation and the measurement of capacity characteristics of wind power systems. Great for meteorological applications and environmental measurements.

Ideal for site assessment and power performance of Wind Turbine Generators

The Advanced First Class sensor is Class A, B and S accredited acc. IEC 61400-12-1 for site assessment and power performance of Wind Turbine Generators.

The sensor characteristics are optimised for dynamic behaviour, even in high turbulence intensities with minimal over-speeding and a low starting value. The sensor is available in a number of variants including digital and analogue outputs. Heated versions are available for use in regions prone to freezing.

Common Specifications

Measuring range
0.3 - 75 m/s
0.3 - 50 m/s < 1% of meas. value or < 0.2 m/s
r > 0.999 95 (4 - 20 m/s)
Inclined flow - mean deviation
< 0.1% from the cosinus line (in the range of +/- 20 degrees) – unable to verify this information?
Inclined flow - turbulence effect
< 1% (in the range up to 30% turbulence intensity) – unable to verify this information?
Electrical output
1082 Hz @ 50 m/s
Delay distance
< 3m
Survival speed
80 m/s (max 30 minutes)
Operating voltage - Sensor
Model dependent
24 V AC/DC; 25W
Ambient temperature
-50 to +80 degrees C
Electrical connection
8-pole plug
on to mast tube
Fixing boring
35 x 25 mm (diameter x depth)
290 x 240 mm
0.5 Kg
Material of housing
aluminium, anodised
Material of cup-star
carbon fibre reinforced plastic


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