Classic Wind Direction Transmitter

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Manufacturer: Adolf Thies GmbH & Co. KG

The Classic Wind Direction Sensor is designed for applications where accuracy and reliability are paramount


Classic Wind Direction Transmitter

The Classic series of wind transmitters are designed for applications where accuracy and reliability are paramount.

The Classic Wind Direction Sensor measures the horizontal wind direction with an analogue output which can be transmitted to a display, recording instrument, data logger or process control system. For winter operation the sensor is equipped with electronically regulated heating to guarantee the smooth running of the ball bearings and to avoid ice formation on the body.

The housing is made of anodised aluminium for good corrosion resistance and long life. Labyrinth seals and O-rings protect the sensitive internal parts from precipitation. The instrument is designed for mounting to a mast tube and the electrical plug connection is situated in the transmitter shaft.

Common Specifications

Measuring range Model Dependant
Accuracy ±2 - 3° (model dependent)
Damping coefficient 0.3
Starting value <0.6m/s at 90°
Heating 24 V AC/DC; 20W
Ambient temperature -35° to +80° C
Electrical connection Multi-pin plug
Mounting onto mast tube
Fixing bore 50 x 50 mm (diameter x depth)
Dimensions 550 x 415 mm
Protection IP55
Weight 1.8 Kg
Material of housing Aluminium, anodised
Material of vane Aluminium, anodised

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