Biral provides a wide range of instruments for the detection, measurement and study of precipitation. We offer the following classes of instrument:

  • Precipitation Monitors to detect the presence of precipitation
  • Rain Gauges for the measurement of precipitation amount
  • Laser Precipitation Monitors for the detection and classification of precipitation in real-time
  • Micro Rain Radar for the measurement of precipitation in a column up to 6km high
  • Precipitation Collectors for the collection of precipitation for subsequent chemical analysis


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  • Laser Precipitation Monitor

    Model Number:

    Laser Precipitation Monitor for the accurate measurement of precipitation type and amount in real-time

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  • Precipitation Transmitter

    Model Number:

    A range of tipping bucket and dropper rain gauges

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  • Precipitation Sensor

    Model Number: 5.4103.20.x41

    Measures instantaneous precipitation intensities ( mm precipitation / min.) and outputs an intensity-dependant analogue signal. Includes holder to mount monitor to mast or wall.

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  • Precipitation Monitor

    Model Number: 5.4103.10.X00

    This instrument, typically used in building control applications, detects the presence of rain and other precipitation types

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  • RS85 Rain Presence Sensor

    Model Number: RS85

    The RS85 Rain Presence Sensor is designed to detect the beginning and end of precipitation

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  • Micro Rain Radar

    Model Number: MRR-2, FM-CW MODE

    A vertical pointing microwave profiler reporting rain rate, liquid water content and drop size distribution

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  • Precipitation Collector NSA100

    Model Number: NSA100

    A custom built Precipitation Sampler offering a variety of measurement periods such as single sample collection, or separate collections over eight days.

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