Test Function Added To Leading Visibility & Present Weather Sensors

Posted on 2nd August 2017 in News

Biral, one of the world’s leading meteorological specialists, has just added a useful test function to its entire range of visibility and present weather sensors.

All of these Biral sensors are now supplied with enhanced internal software featuring a new test setting which can be used as part of Factory or Site Acceptance Testing (FAT or SAT) at client handover.

With this feature, the sensors can now be switched into a ‘test mode’ via the serial PC connection.  This test mode allows the user to force the sensor to report user-defined data for visibility, present weather, window contamination and fault status for a fixed period of time.

This new feature is designed to allow users to test the operation of other connected equipment such as aviation or marine warning lights or signs which are configured to operate at specific visibility conditions. In this way, the end-to-end control system operation can be demonstrated and tested for both commissioning as well as client acceptance approvals.

There are three ranges of Biral equipment which now come with this enhanced capability and these are the SWS, RWS and VPF visibility and present weather sensors which are used in applications from climate research to highway, aviation, and navigational safety.

All sensor models use forward scatter meter technology to measure present weather and output Meteorological Optical Range.  There are five models in the SWS range and four models in the VPF range, covering a host of applications from roads, tunnels, and weather networks to the harsher conditions of marine and aviation.  The latest introduction, the RWS-20 road weather sensor is designed specifically for the harsh roadside environment and remains accurate in all weather conditions.

Biral’s VPF range of visibility and present weather sensors are the most accurate and durable on the market with a proven track record of over 20 years and are designed for many critical applications.  For applications not requiring such extreme levels of robustness and accuracy Biral offers the SWS low cost range of present weather sensors which are less expensive than competitive sensors of a comparable quality.

All of Biral’s top of the range VPF visibility and present weather sensors come with a full five year warranty, its SWS sensors carry a three-year warranty and RWS sensors a two year warranty.  And given Biral’s knowledge of the proven longevity of its equipment in the field, customers also have the option of extending warranty to fifteen years on the VPF range and ten years on the SWS range of sensors.

Further information is available from Biral, call +44 1275 847787 or complete our enquiry form.

31 July 2017