New Transport Brochure from Biral on Meteorological Sensors

Posted on 4th January 2017 in News

Meteorological specialists Biral, have just published a new full colour brochure covering its range of equipment for transport.

Biral’s range of visibility and present weather sensors are renowned for their quality and precision measurement of conditions in the road and rail environment. Each system can be tailored to precise needs and provides data to the forecast provider.

Biral equipment provide present weather information in addition to visibility allowing intelligent transport systems (ITS) to not only ensure that road users have the most accurate information but also allows planned maintenance activities such as salt spreading or sand clearance.

The new brochure illustrates the importance of meteorological sensors to improved safety where Biral sensors can be used in either single or multiple installation networks in many safety critical applications in transport projects such as major roads, bridges and tunnels. Typically, sensors are installed within 3 metres of the road or track to measure the local weather conditions of fog, snow, rain or spray, providing reliable consistent and accurate weather information day and night.

The brochure covers Biral’s range of VPF and SWS series visibility and present weather sensors with ranges of 10 to 75km. The forward scatter visibility sensors measure what is causing reductions in visibility such as fog, rain, spray and dust, and the back scatter head of the Biral present weather sensors detect precipitation type particularly freezing precipitation including snow.

Also covered in the brochure is a complementary range of sensors allowing a highly specified meteorological monitoring station or system to be constructed where required. The Thies Clima range of meteorological sensors includes cup and vane and ultrasonic anemometers, temperature, humidity, pressure and radiation sensors as well as a wide range of compact weather stations and precipitation sensors.

A copy of the Transport borchure can be downloaded directly from the website. To request a hard copy, contact Biral on +44 1275 847787 or complete our enquiry form.

3 January 2017


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