Biral Releases New Brochure for Aviation Market

Posted on 7th December 2016 in News

Leading meteorological specialists, Biral, has recently released a new 4-page brochure covering the various different product options and their benefits to the aviation market.

Available to request directly from the company, or download from their website, the Biral Aviation brochure displays Biral’s best-selling forward scatter meters for the market, including the VPF and SWS Visibility and Present Weather Sensor ranges and how they can be used to aid the safety of airports, whilst complying with the stringent needs of ICAO.

Biral recognises the importance of maintaining a safe and efficient operating environment, as air traffic is continuously increasing across the world. With unpredictable weather conditions in particular, it can often be difficult to plan and address issues related to this, which can lead to lengthy delays and cancellations. With the latest technology from Biral, accurate weather information is reported to give a clear indication of the current conditions and keep disruptions to a minimum.

The brochure highlights the many ways in which Biral’s sensors are applied on airfields, including for Runway Visual Range (RVR) and aviation meteorological systems. The product application and configuration is adapted to the nature and size of each airfield to give a solution that is suitable for the specific needs of each airport.

Biral’s VPF and SWS Visibility and Present Weather sensors are designed to offer outstanding reliability and accuracy, with corrosion-resistant finishes to ensure the products are able to withstand the constant, challenging conditions on airfields. Coming in a compact package, the sensors can report visibilities from 10m to 75km, reporting back real-time results for an efficient process. Once installed the forward scatter meters require very little maintenance.

In aviation applications, forward scatter meters such as Biral’s VPF and SWS sensors are a popular choice against transmissometers, which are considered to be particularly expensive and large in comparison. Biral’s forward scatter meters have proved to be suitable and reliable in all applications when faced with a range of conditions including rain, fog, haze, smoke and many others, given their ability to efficiently detect the small particles of each condition. Studies have proved Biral’s forward scatter meters to be equally as successful as a traditional transmissometer in all applications, whilst offering significantly reduced system and installation costs.

To request a copy of the Aviation brochure, contact Biral on +44 1275 847787 or complete our enquiry form.

6 December 2016