Wind Energy

As the world addresses the challenges of global warming green energy production and in particular wind energy generation has increased significantly. Biral can provide sensors for the control of aviation obstacle light intensity, wind speed measurement and site assessment.

The Deutscher Wetterdienst (German Meteorological Service – DWD) has certified the VPF-710, SWS-100 and SWS-200 sensors as suitable for use in visibility controlled wind turbine obstruction light systems.

More information on the use of Biral sensors in Wind applications can be found in the Wind Brochure.


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  • BTD-350 Thunderstorm Detector

    Model Number: BTD-350

    The BTD-350 Thunderstorm Detector is a standalone sensor that reliably detects the presence of all forms of lightning to a range of 83km

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  • First Class Wind Direction Transmitter

    Model Number:

    The First Class wind direction vanes have the best accuracy of any vane system with an excellent response in turbulent flows

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  • SODAR PCS2000

    Model Number: SODAR PCS2000

    SODAR (Sonic Detection And Ranging) system for remote sensing of vertical profiles of the horizontal wind vector and turbulence in the lower part of the atmosphere

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  • RASS for SODAR PCS2000

    Model Number: RASS for SODAR PCS2000

    RASS (Radio Acoustic Sounding System) addition to the SODAR PCS2000

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  • VPF-710 Visibility Sensor

    Model Number: VPF-710

    The VPF-710 Visibility sensor provides high quality visibility measurement in a compact and highly robust package

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  • SWS-200 Visibility & Present Weather Sensor

    Model Number: SWS-200

    The SWS-200 is designed for use in applications where accurate and reliable visibility measurements are required with the addition of WMO 4680 present weather codes

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  • SWS Test Plaque

    Model Number: SWS-TEST

    For wind turbines using visibility controlled aviation obstruction lights.

    Simulates a fixed visibility allowing function of all connected equipment to be tested.

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