Building Control

As the need for energy efficient buildings has increased the systems that control heating, ventilation and lighting have become ever more sophisticated. To ensure the best performance control systems need accurate and reliable data from sensors in and around the building.

Biral can supply equipment to measure temperature and humidity, precipitation, wind speed and direction as well as solar radiation. These parameters can be measured either individually or as part of a compact weather station.


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  • Precipitation Sensor

    Model Number: 5.4103.20.x41

    Measures instantaneous precipitation intensities ( mm precipitation / min.) and outputs an intensity-dependant analogue signal. Includes holder to mount monitor to mast or wall.

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  • Precipitation Monitor

    Model Number: 5.4103.10.X00

    This instrument, typically used in building control applications, detects the presence of rain and other precipitation types

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  • Ultrasonic Anemometer 2D Compact

    Model Number:

    The Ultrasonic Anemometer Compact measures wind velocity, wind direction as well as acoustic virtual temperature

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