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Model: 4.3008.01.000
Price: 172.00
Delivery: 2 - 4 WEEKS ARO


A measuring instrument designed for hand held use to take direct wind speed readings. Available with wooden case.

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Hand-held Wind Speed Sensor

Model 4.3008.01.000

This rugged, plastic cup anemometer is designed for hand use to take direct wind speed readings. There is an optional wooden instrument case (model 4.3008.01.005) for storage and transportation.


  • compact and portable instrument
  • direct readout of wind speed
  • decent accuracy

What it does

The hand-held wind speed sensor has 3 rotating cups that move around a bearing system providing a set amount of rotations for each wind speed. The amount of rotations and therefore the wind speed values can be viewed on the unit above the handle and the display values are large and legible for easy viewing.

The unit is designed to be held in the hand at arms length in the direction of the wind flow for approximately 60 seconds to get a representative wind speed value.

Examples of data output

The wind speed can be read directly off the instrument with the range of 0-35 m/s (0-78 mph) (scale is in m/s, km/hr, Bft, knots and in 1 m/s or equivalent graduation steps)

SPECIFICATIONS for Hand-held  Wind Speed Sensor

Measuring range 0 ... 120 km/h
0 ... 35 m/s
0 ... 70 kn
0 ... 12 Beaufort
Size ø 100 x 205 mm
Weight 0.32 kg
Optional Instrument Case model 4.3008.01.005
Material wood
Size 155 mm x 145 mm x 135 mm
Weight 1.15 Kgs
This range is in continuous development therefore specifications may change without prior notice. E&OE

Product Information
INSTRUMENT CASE 4.3008.01.005 For the safe transport and storage of hand-held Cup-Anemometer model 4.3008.01.000. Material: Wood, Dimensions: 155 x 145 x 135 mm, Weight: 1.15 kg.